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Client Summary

Client is a US-based Fortune 200 company, and leading global supplier of the components and equipment for the oil and gas industry. The company performs its operations across six continents in over 600 locations.

The client needed a solution offering Marketing, Sales and Support visibility to enhance customer experience, deployed successfully to teams and facilities worldwide. The company sought help from HumanXP that enabled the organization to implement Dynamics 365 CRM.


  • Gain business executive sponsorship
  • Identify business product owners
  • Standardize internal sales governance
  • Elevate business processes and silos   
  • Connect applications, Excel and Paper processes
  • Centralize D365 for sales, service, field service
  • Amplify Marketing teams and tools


HXP drives revenue through a customer experience approach by engaging with business and technology leaders to optimize internal processes, align technologies and orchestrate organizations. It allows teams to increase end user adoption and drives accountability through business KPI measurement.

HumanXP’s Organization Transformation Framework consists of the following:


The Client leveraged a design thinking, cross-functional approach to create a customer experience strategy. Executives identified immediate key transformation areas in Customer Service, Marketing Automation, and Sales Center of Excellence, executed through business engagement and agile project and change management.


  • Business executive sponsorship from the CEO, CMO, CFO level down
  • Sales leadership cadence across all 3 segments  
  • Consolidated enterprise marketing teams and systems using D365
  • Consolidating to a single D365 instance for a 360 view of the customer
  • Cross-Segment financial and sales Dashboards via Power BI
  • Single CX Product owner for all segments working with CIOs, CSOs and CMO
  • Increased CRM adoption and added 1,200 users
  • Improved customer routing and response time

“By bringing together strategic opportunities, resources, and tools across our segments we can better understand customers’ needs and can work collaboratively to add value and deliver solutions in new and interesting ways.”
Excerpt from Chairman, President and CEO


HumanXP exists to help organizations improve customer experiences (CX), customer relationship management, and sales performance through organizational effectiveness and engagement, customer insights, and business architecture.

We believe in creating meaningful interactions between employees and customers and that high-performance organizations are those that understand that value creation, customer focus, and employee engagement are symbiotic.

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