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Klaxoon, the Workshop Platform

An unmatched set of solutions that empowers teams to get things done.

Run efficient workshops from wherever you are while accelerating collaboration, guarantee success, and moving forward as a team.

From the Fortune 500 to small businesses, millions of people in over 120 countries use Klaxoon to make their teams thrive.

Get things done

Engage and drive efficient workshops, switch fro ideation to action and collect feedback. Secure next steps and increase the impact of your workshops!


Make hybrid work

Break free from time and location: launch a workshop with your team from anywhere at any time. Turn any space into a workshop room!

Scale efficiency

Empower your team, accelerate adoption and foster continuous improvement using tutorials, resources and ready-to-use workshops templates inspired by industry-standard agile methods, and the Klaxoon community.


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Microsoft Partner of the Year
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Klaxoon is accessible directly from Microsoft Teams.




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