HumanXP Org Effectiveness

ORGANIZATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS – Looking beyond technology adoption

We have seen an increase in technology deployments in the form of new SaaS platforms, analytics, automation tools, and mobile apps that have fundamentally changed the nature of jobs, decision-making processes, and customer interactions.  The change impact within organizations often extends far beyond simply learning how to ‘use’ new tools effectively. Nevertheless, Change Management is frequently the first item cut from technology-oriented IT project budgets.  Helping organizations effectively deliver new outcomes is either unaddressed or left to business units to manage.

HumanXP focuses first on desired strategic outcomes, followed closely by customer impact and organizational enablement. We work with leaders to identify changes that extend beyond tool training to behavior, roles, culture, or business architecture. Organizational Effectiveness begins during strategy development, long before the project budget and execution ownership is handed over to technical delivery teams or vendors.

Here are the intervention processes we address when enabling change:

IMPACT:  Change That Effects PEOPLE

Organizational Behavior, focusing on the individual

The individual owns, supports, and adopts the execution of any change. Organizational Behavior measures and manages how people behave and perform in organizations, including how they interact, work within structures, what motivates them, and how to create accountability. This includes, performance management, coaching and leadership development.


Organizational Development, focusing on teams or functions

Organizational Development is a process by which we create and sustain change by developing, improving, and reinforcing strategies, structures, processes and interactions. At HumanXP, much of our Organizational Development work is done through team development and Organizational Change Management (OCM) strategies of communication, training and sustaining adoption. 


Organizational Effectiveness, focusing on cross-functional or enterprise outcomes

Organizational Effectiveness is a broad intervention capability that measures how thoroughly and efficiently a company achieves its goals. Organizational Effectiveness is the value-adding capability to connect the strategy (metrics) to the structure (process) and outcomes (culture, performance and behaviors) of the organization. It brings together the tangible to the non-tangible value-adding activities to enhance and measure overall goal achievement. This includes, goal measurement, org and culture enablement, value driver alignment and employee engagement strategies.

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