Our Purpose

HumanXP exists to help organizations thrive in the digital era by:

  • Cultivating innovative leaders
  • Empowering agile and purpose-driven teams
  • Creating meaningful customer engagement through data and behavioral sciences

Our Principles

  • We believe digital technologies can unlock human potential for meaningful interactions and interconnectedness
  • We believe high-performance organizations are those which understand that value creation, customer focus, and employee engagement are symbiotic
  • We are not successful until our clients have a sustainable and competitive digital culture and business model

Our Story

Founded in 2018 by Erin Eribarne, HumanXP is a product of the passion she has to create organizational performance services conceived for businesses ready to compete and grow in a new, digitally enabled world.  Trained in HR, technology strategy, change management, and organizational development, Erin saw the need for a multi-disciplinary approach to work across historic functional silo's to create impactful change  and  performance.

Meet the Founder

Organization development, learning and change management advisor with experience in multiple Fortune 500 clients building and executing talent management and leadership development programs, leading global change strategy efforts, and directing end-to-end, data-driven human capital strategies. Erin has a passion and proven record for unlocking potential by improving human interactions across teams, leadership and technology.

Erin Eribarne