Teams are the building blocks of human interaction and performance within competitive organizations.  Creating and deploying high-performance teams requires a modern approach to culture, talent acquisition, organizational design, performance management, and employee engagement.  We work to ensure your teams are agile, collaborative, creative, and purpose-driven so they can innovate and excel.

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Classic leadership models leveraging hierarchical, control-based structures are less effective for today's talent, customer interactions, and pace of change.  Leaders must become change champions. Our unique approaches to leadership development,  coaching, and training demonstrate how to build trustcustomer understanding, and employee engagement to create purpose and performance.

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Customer interaction with your business will create or destroy loyalty, directly impacting the bottom line.  Today's buyers demand not only compelling products and services, but also incredible convenience and memorable interactions. Our customer engagement services will help you attract, engage, close, and retain target customers by focusing on human and digital interaction to create a unique experience.   

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Building agile, innovative organizations

We unlock business value by helping our clients develop the team performance, leadership, cultural, and customer experience capabilities required to compete in the digital era.

Deploying innovative technology has never been easier, faster, or more obtainable. But are your people, teams, leaders, business strategy or customers ready? As organizations begin to focus on competitive strategies in the digital era, they often face enormous internal friction which can hinder critical customer experience and innovation initiatives. Organizations must bridge the disconnect between technology impact, processes, speed-to-deliver, culture, and leadership approaches.

HUMANXP helps build enterprise agility, digital, and customer experience capabilities by leveraging forward-thinking organization and technology strategies  to build the purpose, leadership, and teams required to compete.

Founded in 2018 in Houston, TX, HUMANXP is a network of creative and engaging organizational and technology advisors who believe that the competitive digital enterprise begins in the human experiences of your people and customers. Our services are designed from leading organizational thought-leaders and technologists, based on research and experiences across numerous industries and enterprise organizations.