The Rise of Generative AI

These are exiting times. The announcement of the MS Teams and ChatGPT integration is a great controlled implementation of generative AI, but as these technologies begin to proliferate, I find myself spending a lot more time thinking about when and how they will begin to impact organizations.

- Based on current processes, where could NLP tools accelerate or scale capabilities? If we consider every use case where a knowledge worker gathers information, synthesizes, and presents for various reasons - the potential use cases are limitless. E.g. augmented customer service, automated contract analysis, personalized customer content, data analysis, internal communications, reporting, marketing content, product information, training content, technical support, financial analysis, etc..all potentially tailored based on specific data, audience, and purpose.

- How can employees prepare to work with NLP tools and techniques?

- What is the impact to data privacy, security, and intellectual property? What control mechanisms should be put in place?

- How will this impact future customers (or potential customers) gathering, analyzing, and engaging with organizations? Will an understanding of AI content algorithms and tools become more important than SEO strategy someday? Will the effectiveness of NLP interfaces becomes a competitive differentiator?