Customer Journey

Customer Journey Mapping Workshops

Customer Segmentation, Persona, & Experience Design

Branding & Loyalty Strategy

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Customer Engagement

Customer Contact Strategy

Digital Marketing

Campaign Management Process

Customer Inquiry and Lead Management

Product and Service Delivery Performance

Customer Retention and Churn Reduction

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CRM Process Design and Adoption Strategy

Pricing Strategy and Quote Process Optimization

Sales Process Optimization

Opportunity Management, Targeting, and Upselling Processes

Collaborative Cross Selling and Product Bundling

Data-driven Strategic Account Planning

Technology & Data

CRM Selection, Deployment, and Change Management

Sales Performance Dashboard Development

Customer Master Data Management

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Digital Engagement / User Experience Design

Agile Leadership & Coaching

Customer Experience Transformation

The HumanXP's Customer Experience Transformation Model is designed to address critical customer impacting elements that unlock business performance.  We start by mapping all customer-impacting touchpoints across silo'd functions, creating cross-functional customer engagement initiatives that drive measurable sales performance.

HXP CX Framework

The crossroad of customer experiences (internal and external) is the focus of our unique approach to marketing, sales, product development, data, and technology advisory services.  We take our clients into the next generation of customer experience-based strategy and growth.